WNC Citizens for Equality (WNCCE) is a citizen watch dog organization that promotes racial equality and defends the civil rights of persons living in western North Carolina. WNCCE believes that all persons should be entitled to equal protection under the law, regardless of race. As such, WNCCE has filed a federal civil rights complaint against PEAK Academy with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.
Both North Carolina law and federal law prohibit racial discrimination in public schools. PEAK Academy, as a public charter school, must abide by these laws which prohibit schools from choosing teachers and students based on skin color.
PEAK Academy was established in 2021 to “bridge the disparity gap” between black students and white students. While this goal is commendable, a school cannot accomplish this goal by excluding students and teachers based on race. But according to Dr. Dwight Mullen, a founder of PEAK Academy and current board member, that is exactly what PEAK Academy does. In his position as a founder and director, Dr. Mullen has been keenly aware of the school’s practices and policies. Dr. Mullen has stated on multiple occasions that PEAK Academy limits white student enrollment and white teacher hires to no more than fifty percent of the school’s student body and faculty.

Watch Dr Dwight Mullen’s statements in the video:

Dr Dwight Mullen’s statements on hiring practices and student enrollment

The school’s enrollment seems to confirm that the school is excluding students and teachers based on race. Although Asheville’s surrounding area is 89.4 percent white, only 8 out of 81 students are white, and only 6 out of 22 employees are white. “The use of racial quotas to make up a school’s student body is patently unconstitutional”, says Ruth Smith, attorney for WNCCE. “Going back over 45 years to the 1978 Bakke decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently held this type of racial preferencing will not survive a Constitutional challenge. It’s not like this is new law. Since Bakke, racial quotas in schools have been deemed illegal every time and in every case.”
Dr. Carl Mumpower, president of WNCCE, explains why WNCCE filed its complaint: “We hope that PEAK’s board of directors is simply mistaken about what PEAK is doing in selecting its teachers and students. We hope that PEAK is following the law. But when you have a prominent member of their organization repeatedly stating that they are engaging in illegal discrimination, we have to ask for an investigation.”
Mr. John Miall, vice president of WNCCE, agrees: “A school is a place for children to learn. If you are teaching children that they can be excluded, solely based on the color of their skin, what are you teaching that child?”

Dr. Mumpower elaborated on WNCCE’s position: “You don’t fix society’s problems of racism, discrimination, and segregation by engaging in more racism, discrimination, and segregation. You fix them by ending them.”
Dr. Carl Mumpower can be reached for further comment by filling out this form.

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